Me: Oh my God Marina I’m so sorry I’m just so excited to see you *rambles*

Marina: Grabs my shoulder

Me: This is a book from all of your fans on Marina Boards I moderate the site and…lots of rambling

then I showed her the photo of us and I was like “I doubt you remember me” and she said “I don’t remember you specifically but I remember this night and taking this and when I was here last Summer” and then I told her my name was Emmet and she said I had a nice name last time and she looked through the book a little 

"Marina I got this for you because I thought you would love it its a hamburger compact mirror"
"I DO love it, thank you so much"
"Did you just say I love you so much?"

*grabs my shoulder*

"No, but I do love you so much!"

then we took a photo and I told her how much I loved her nails and glasses and I touched her back and ahahfjhfkfhkh

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